Enhance the moment

Photo Editing Done for You

Photo Editing Made Simple

Pressing the shutter is only the beginning.

Do you want to have your photo’s transformed but you don’t have the time or the skills to make them shine? Well even the professionals get others to edit their shots. Now you can to. Don’t waste your precious time editing.

At Safelight we:

  • professionally edit your photos to your taste
  • safely store your originals and edited photos
  • ensure all copyright remains with you

And you still stay part of the creative process. 

Editing starts at $2 per photo. Lets get started.

Safe Storage

Our photographic memories are some of our most precious.

If you have photos spread across computers, memory cards, portable hard drives and USB sticks then you’re not alone.

But hard drives can fail. Portable drives, memory sticks and USB’s can be lost. And worse. In the event of a fire, insurance might replace your technology, but they cannot replace what is stored on it. Photos of your first child/grandchild, family, friends, that amazing trip to Venice.

At Safelight we:

  • safely and securely store your original and edited photos in New Zealand
  • provide you with a simple way to upload, view and download photos whenever you want

You get the first 1GB of storage FREE, after that its $50/year for up to 5GB and $100 for 15GB.